Biased Laws Destroy Families UK's first charity to raise awareness & support spouses harassed by 498a IPC

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Marital Justice has been providing free legal counsel since 2008 to the victims of harassment. We need your support to stop the laws intent on destroying the Indian family values. We are currently in the process of registration as a UK charity. Please contact us if you can offer local support or donations.

How laws destroy families

Forced separation

Minor disagreements can lead to a child being permanently separated from father, who can be made homeless, with no recourse to justice. Read more

Harassed families

Extended family gets embroiled into criminal cases. Their passports are confiscated hampering any travel or business activity outside India. Read more

Draconian process

Merely a complaint lets police arrest entire family and often the bail is denied. A series of accusations can keep piling up the charges, with no evidence provided. Read more

How Marital Justice helps

Victim support

We provide community support to victims, who are often under deep shock & depression, with free accommodation where needed. Read more

Media awareness

We have been holding protests, campaigns on social media and collaborating with partner organization to highlight the plight of harassed spouses. Read more


We have collected news articles and extensive statistics highlighting the impact of laws and how thousands have committed suicides. Read more


We are not legal experts and only provide support based on our own experiences of the often corrupt legal system in India.The advice given by volunteers from MJ must not be taken as legal advice and the individual should consult appropriate legal help from an expert before taking any further course of action.We only provide our suggestions on good faith and free of cost.